Ask for asylum from international ladies: is just one girl add up to a few guys?

Ask for asylum from international ladies: is just one girl add up to a few guys?

2019/1 (Amount 20)

  • Pages: 100
  • ISBN: 9782859193324
  • DOI: 10.3917/lautr. 058.0041
  • Publisher: Los Angeles Pensee sauvage
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Transcultural consultations are getting more and more females fleeing the extensive physical violence of which they’ve been the victims inside their home nation. They truly are at the mercy of intimate physical violence in the family members, in addition to retaliatory violence as a result of agents associated with regime that is dictatorial. Psychotherapy can provide them straight straight straight back their vocals to become in a position to reconstruct by themselves. But, the Geneva meeting does perhaps not precisely recognize these functions of physical violence. Francoise Heritier’s idea of “the differential valence for the sexes” is a helpful device for understanding why physical physical violence against ladies is really a question that is profoundly political. The thought of “the thought blockade” promotes an expression on what this distinction between women and men is placed forward and utilized. However, inspite of the feminist campaigns that resulted in improvements into the worldwide security that must be universal, the actual fact stays that inequalities remain into the comprehension of the injustice females face in terms of intimate physical violence; the possible lack of comprehension continues inspite of the fight oppression that the work of migration constitutes.

  • Target
  • Girl
  • Intimate physical physical physical violence
  • Migrant
  • Male/female relationship
  • Dominator/dominated relationship
  • Ethnopsychiatry
  • Assessment
  • Worldwide law


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